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September 14, 2004 // 6:46 p.m. // Five hopeful thoughts

1. I have two songs stuck in my head today: "We'll Never Sleep (God Knows We'll Try)" by Rilo Kiley and "Pony" by Kasey Chambers. About the first song: when I was trying to figure out which song I had forgotten from that particular album, (I was making a 'best of' compilation and didn't have their CD's with me) this was the song I forgot. And for no reason, I started singing it today.

As for the second: her third album came out today (six months after its Australian release) and this song has been circulating in my head for over a year since I heard it in concert. It was introduced as a new song, and I almost bought a bootleg of another show just to hear it again. It's one of only two songs that I heard only once, live, but could still sing much of it over a year later.

2.My car. Turns out they couldn't tell us what was wrong with it, so they didn't charge us the $69.99 for the test. We spent today working on it, realizing we had it temporarily fixed for long enough to pull one over on the inspection people only to realize our plan didn't work...and then it did work...and then it didn' went like this about a dozen times for almost four hours this morning. We'll be working on it on Friday, since my tags expired a long time ago.

3.Speaking of expired, I spent my expired gift certificate at Media Play today. I didn't think they'd take it, and had prepared a, "oh, it expired? Oh well" just in case I was discovered. But I wasn't. And it was the only way they could get me to spend $16.99 on one of the CD's I bought.

4.Oh my am I hungry. I haven't had anything to eat since I ate a few slices of overcooked pizza for dinner at this time last night.

5.I'm in the mood for fruits. Strawberries, watermellons, cantalopes, peaches, pears, all of it.

6.It's the time of year of 45-50 degree lows and 85 degree highs. That means in the morning, you need the heater and in the afternoon, you need an air conditioner. It'll be nice in the last half of October, when the afternoon high temperature is 60 degrees and at least while you're in your car, it's a perfect temperature. Of course, I won't enjoy that chill of fall, but the whole optimal car temp will be nice.

Only six. That was shorter than I expected.

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