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August 09, 2004 // 7:03 p.m. // Feeling listy

Two things have been on my mind in the last few minutes. Actually, now that I think about it, more things are on my mind. I think I'll just type and let it wander.

1) I'm totally curious all of the sudden about peanut allergies and why people have them. I have no clue why. I can eat peanuts with the best of them, but my home ec teacher's husband almost died because he injested like 1/8 of a peanut.

2)My sister and I were watching the news and we saw a story of rockets being developed to take average people into space. "I guess anyone's a tourist in space" she said. It was simultaneously the smartest and funniest thing she's said in ages.

2.5) And then she ruined it ten minutes later with this comment about credit cards: "Woo hoo! Buy now, pay later. I always need money."

3) I'm catching one of my favorite bands in a long time this week. What do you get when you combine keyboards, cute vocals and percussion that is achieved not by drumming but by tap dancing? Tilly and the Wall. And they're playing on Friday night, and since they're playing at Kilby, it means I can chat with them for as long as I want. Did I mention I have a crush on Kianna and Neely? Well, I do. Hopefully, I won't look like a total idiot when I talk to them. You can download any or all of the new album at the Team Love site. They also have one of the best Hey Ya covers out there.

4) Fez. Lets talk about Fez. I can't spell his real name (it's something like Wilmer Valderrama) so I go with Fez. He's 24, and dating Lindsay Lohan. She just turned 18 and apparently they've been together for awhile. Before this, at 21, he dated a 15 year-old Mandy Moore. If he's not careful, he could be well on his way down the R. Kelly path. Wait. In order for that to happen, he'd have to *marry* one of them at 15. And I don't know about you, but Mandy Valderrama doesn't sound as cute as Mandy Moore.

Ok. Enough about my Mandy Moore thoughts. Even though she's my celebrity crush of choice and was sweet when I met her. Plus, she's as tall as I am in moderately lifted shoes, which is always a plus.

5) Lindsay Lohan. Lets talk about Lindsay Lohan. Occasionally, inbetween episodes of Boy Meets World and Even Stevens, I'd catch something she was on. And then six months later, I'd catch something else and she'd look totally different. And then six months later, different again. I caught her on some show last year and then saw her on Leno promoting Mean Girls in April and it wasn't even the same person.

I think what bugs me the most about her is she's really not that attractive. I mean, now she is, but she's the best example I've ever seen of makeup and airbrushing making someone more attractive. I wish she'd keep it real and rock the freckles.

She's a total star now, on the cover of every teen magazine, and she keeps looking different.

To illustrate this, I've outlined a timeline of Lindsay Lohan's looks over the years.

The Parent Trap years (1998)

The Rookie years (late 2002)

MTV Awards (Aug 03)

Freaky Friday (Aug 03)

Cheaper By The Dozen (Dec 03)

The Perfect Score (Jan 04)

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (February 04)

Mean Girls (April 04)

MTV Movie Awards (June 04)

So the way I see it, Lohan's boyfriend is on his way to becoming R. Kelly, while Lohan herself is one makeover away from becoming this:

I kid, I kid. She's actually one makeover and one breast augmentation away from becoming this:

If you look at the Freaky Friday photo, and compare it to the photos taken this year, you see the huge change. It's like she was given a somewhat extreme makeover.

It's probably obvious by that that I have too much time on my hands. True, but someone had to give the "Lindsay Lohan, this is your life" retrospective, why not me?

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