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July 03, 2004 // 10:16 p.m. // Happy...3rd of July?

Happy fourth of July everyone, especially if you're an American. Today the air is full of sparklers and fountains and those damn spinning flowers that take on the color of traffic lights and go "vvvvrrrrrrnnnnn" while they spin wildly out of control. I remember a particularly tramatic experience one year in which one shot from one side of the lawn to the other over our heads.

My firework of choice: the parachute. You know, the thing that looks like a fountain, only it shoots a parachute high into the air before it floats gently back to earth.

But wait, Jason. Isn't today the 3rd of July?

Off and on (and perhaps because it's just now getting dark) I've heard squealing fireworks going off in what will be an all weekend celebration. Many in my community (including all of the big firework shows, parades and events) will be celebrating tonight, even as I type this. The more traditionalist and less devout people (i.e. my family) will be gettin' their fourth on on the actual fourth with a multitude of illegal fireworks purchased across the state line, which my sister and her boyfriend (who has a b-day on the fourth) bought.

Still others will do it on the fifth. Why? I don't know. That one makes no sense. For one, it's a weekday. Two, it's *after* the actual date. But to each their own, I guess. And besides, what better way to celebrate your independance from a country than by pronouncing the date the same way they would (fourth of July instead of July 4th, 21st of September instead of September 21st etc.)

I'd like to hang out with my friends tonight, but they may be getting their fourth on somewhere. I'm a bit tired, but it'll pass. I lost my keys last week and will need to do some serious searching to find them. And there's so much else from uploading pictures to actually looking at the stuff I bought up close.

I got a letter from her just after I got back. She's vacationing in Europe this summer, and also accompanied me to a concert this March. I only wish I had received the letter earlier, because I could've asked the European hostel customers questions for her.

My dad has been watching a PBS show called, Utah: Struggle For Statehood The description reads: (1996) In part 2, the transcontinental railroad transforms life in the West; the government strikes legal blows

against polygamy. Utah women get the right to vote. (History)

I suppose they're gearing up for the 24th of July celebration in Utah commemorating the pioneer's trek into the valley. My dad is telling me that he's a 7th generation Utahn (thus making me 8th) and that our relatives were one of the original groups to enter Utah in 1847. Pretty cool indeed...if it's true. I don't think I'll believe him until I see the geneology due to other stories I've heard over the years.

Yep. 10:15 and there go the fireworks. Right on schedule.

I promise I'll start the trip recap next week. I'm just trying to get a few other things done first.

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