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November 29, 2003 // 10:09 p.m. // I dont want a lot for christmas, there is just one thing I need

I braved the holiday cold, lines and craziness to buy a few of the doorbuster items at Target and Best Buy. My mom wanted a digital camera that was on sale for $88, so my sister, dad and I all headed out at 4:50 in the morning to wait in line for an hour in the 22 or so degree weather. The wind was blowing which made it even more bitter.

Never had time been so slow. I got out of the car at 5:30, and the next time I asked my sister what the time was, she said 5:40. I expected it to be 6. She went to the car, I held her spot and after what felt like 30 more minutes, she told me that it was only 5:50. I couldn't believe it.

The funniest part about all of this was the "line supervisor" who had a walkie talkie inside of his ash gray Target fleece. He was trying to do line control as if he were a club bouncer. If your family was in the car and you were watching their spot, he'd try to send them to the back of the line. And it worked- at least once.

What also made this funny was the fact that he thought he had "power" over us because he had a walkie talkie (which he talked into often. Must've thought he was CIA) and a different color of vest.

When I'm irritated, I get snippy and I don't care who hears it. When he told us that the doors were about to open and that we shouldn't run because, "Target is a classy store. We don't run" I let him have it. It was obviously a referrence to the Walmart down the street which is well known for people running and pushing for items.

"Target classy?" I said. "Saying Target has more class than Walmart is like saying Courtney Love has more class than Tonya Harding." I don't think he heard me, and despite my comment, I do think that Target has a classier feel than Walmart, but he made it sound like Target was a store on Rodeo Drive and Walmart was a shack on the corner.

So anyway, we bought two of the camera, and I may buy the extra, because it really is a good camera. Later on, I waited in a single line that seemed to stretch for days due to the way Best Buy registers are arranged.

I have to go off on another tangent. I really don't like Best Buy. I don't like their yellow/blue shirts, I don't like a person asking if I need help every thirty seconds (at least seven people asked me and I was browsing for maybe 15 minutes) and I don't like the way the registers are arranged.

but anyway, I got a 256 MB memory card for my camera that will allow me to take something like 2000 pictures on the cameras smallest setting and like 144 on its best. I also bought a battery charger, but will return it tomorrow because I found a cheaper one on ebay.

And did I mention I went to the classless Walmart? Fortunately I went later in the morning so that I didn't have to wait in a ridiculous line to buy a magazine and washer fluid.

Hmmm...what love for Hostess crumb donuts is unwavering. In between classes, I walked a few blocks to a candy machine that usually has them in stock but didn't (in its place: Hostess powdered donuts) and then across the walkway and up three flights of stairs to another candy machine that did have them.

90 cents is all it will cost to make me happy and hopelessly devoted to you. I don't even need a lot of presents. Just tons and tons of Hostess crumb donuts. Personally, I think that's what Mariah Carey was singing about in "All I Want For Christmas."

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