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When We Two Parted - November 25, 2021
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November 25, 2021 // 12:07 p.m. // When We Two Parted

While making myself familiar with the site again, I began poking my way around my friend list to see how many of the diaries were still active and functioning. It's just four out of the fourteen, which is a higher number than I expected. I was in a bit of a dilemma, because I wanted to update my profile to reflect lyrics from a different artist that corresponded to each diary, but several of them I don't remember well enough to gauge them without reading them.

So as it is, Gemma Hayes will likely live on the profile quotes for the time being, and her The Hollow of Morning and Night on My Side still hold up, after listening to both last week.

As it is, I still want to pay tribute to these in memoriam as it is, though please don't let any of these individuals be ghosts.

chemstress A local writer, and a big fan of Rilo Kiley, referenced in her username. We've crossed paths a few times, most notably when I gave her a copy of a bootleg Rilo Kiley live DVD I got. Her boyfriend worked in a record store, and she and I also were members of the boards earlier this century.

firestarfae Another local diarist. She loved going to clubs and had a wicked dark sense of humor.

petrichor A man who wrote long entries in my guestbooks and notes. Insightful, local, and a big fan of the band Bettie Serveert. I remember asking him a number of questions about them before they came through town. Diary is still active.

undecidedme An individual who found me while looking for Utah diarists. They stated they'd be attending the school a few blocks down the hill from where I went, and next door to where I eventually started working. Diary is still active.

pharinet One of a handful I know in person. We went to school together, and casually hung out in the years since. Currently an artist living in a much cooler city than I am.

widower A man who lost his wife and infant daughter within nine days of each other in his mid-twenties. A very endearing and touching read.

mrsensitive I wish I had more memory of his diary, but I weirdly remembered a profile photo that he used while it was active. I'll leave you with a quote pulled from petrichor's profile that I've thought about lately: "You know what I hate about this time of year? All these pinheads spend the first part of this week going, "Boy, it sure gets dark early now!" And what's worse, I'm totally one of those pinheads."

dedemwe Another writer that I sadly have no memory of, and based on notes, we had minimal interaction.

adilee Adilee stayed in touch with me throughout the later years (2005?) when this diary was barely limping along. She related to my crushes and valued her religion. Of the people I'm not in contact with on here, she's one of the people I wonder about the most.

agoatnamedaz Azazel once mailed me a Canadian quarter (you know, the special red 'poppy' quarter and included a fun letter inside detailing the long-nailed clerk who scratched it before sending it. I still have both. Most recently active of the list.

yippy-skippy Christine, from New Mexico crushed like few do, loved Ben Stiller and Ben Folds. She came through town as part of a group, I wanted to meet up with her, and as it turns out we were in the same room at the same time.

mandyrach No longer on my friend list (at her request) Amanda and I actually got together for lunch in 2002 and I explained to her all of my internet drama over a sit down meal a few blocks from her work. Our friendship took a bit of a turn over a jealous partner.

thediastema The person I know best in real life. At the time we had these diaries however, our lives were devoted to either school or work. Since then, we've been fortunate enough to continue in-person gatherings, though it has been longer than I've liked since we've been able to chat.

bluering One of the first people I struck up a friendship with on here. Quite the long story, but more than a few entries here and on other sites are about her. And I'm sure I'm not spoiling things by mentioning the previous 'return' entry was about her as well. I have questions, she's got answers.

There are a few others that come to mind whose diaries must've passed out along the way (jaxxalude/lauren greatest music tastes) linds (first diary I ever read, and then found again after signing up for an account) and bitterdreams (great writer) all deserve a mention.

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