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Creatively Maneuvering Dates - May 10, 2022
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May 10, 2022 // 7:10 p.m. // Creatively Maneuvering Dates

For about five years (and just barely shy of six) the date May 10th held significant meaning for me. On occasion I'll look at a calendar in May and that date will slingshot itself to the front of my brain, bringing back a flood of memories of a friendship/relationship that lasted more years than it had any right to. It survived two relationships, several years of a barely functioning friendship, a breakup, a dozen or so notebooks filled with every analysis you could possibly imagine...

...good times, bad times and lies, lies, lies.

I met her here, on this site almost exactly twenty one years ago. We each had journals, her chronicling her life through song lyrics and various snapshots of her life from a southern Texas city, me writing about a crush or seven from my college classes as I wrapped up my first full year at university. I loved the way her words weaved together, usually with a splash (okay, more of a large pinch) of her acid tongue. She was someone I wished I'd known better.

Calling our friendship a rollercoaster would be an understatement. It was a year of friendship and occasional flirting online, sending each other occasional mix CD's and gifts and after eleven months of emails and letters, we bumped it up to the next level...

AOL Instant Messenger.

We carried on like this for hours on end in real time, nearly every day increasing our friendship. A month after this and nearly a year into our friendship, she told me, " So...basically, what you're saying is it's ok that I have a crush on you? Around this time she was bouncing back and forth between telling me she had a crush and keeping that info close. A week later, she asked for my number and called me, not long after that, our friendship got stronger.

(To be continued on account of exhaustion)

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