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December 11, 2003 // 8:19 a.m. // A wrap up

I have my final final of finals period in about 90 minutes from now, so I'd better make this quick.

I don't think anyone has ever said "final" so many times at the beginning of a sentence.

I just bought DVD X Copy Platinum to make backup copies of all of my DVD's for archival purposes. Apparently the program is pretty hit or miss in terms of how well it works, but it works absolutlely flawless for me, so I'll be sepending winter break making backup copies of all of my DVD's.

I bought four cd's on Tuesday, ranging from the R&B fueled Kelis and Musiq to the indie rock stylings of Rachael Yamagata and Metric. In addition to those, I bought Mona's new album (local band) and a compilation of Xmas songs from their label. I've yet to listen to any of them, but am sure I'll have a lot of fun working my way through 100+ tracks and seven hours of music.

My wallet is so glad that the multitude of cd's that come out just before Xmas is officially over. Every single Tuesday from October 7th until now there has been at least one cd I've wanted to buy. I've yet to tally up the total purchased this year (because I can't find the book I wrote them down in) but it may be a record year.

Speaking of, I need another cd storage item, but don't know where I'd place it. My room is cluttered enough as it is.

I have "gifts" to send out to four diaryland users. Nothing big, really, just something I picked up over the last few weeks/months made over the last few weeks/months that I should get in the mail before the Xmas rush.

Office Max has such cheap shipping supplies! Maybe it's just because I don't ship things very often, but I was very pleased to pay $4.50 or so for 12 padded cd/dvd mailers.

Note to self: Write about Eden's Watchtower Xmas show, buy and suggest people buy T-Max black and white film, and scan a few concert photos in. Oh. And find the roll of film I shot at the Some Girls concert.

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