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August 10, 2004 // 9:59 p.m. // Lost and now found

Quickly: I took a nap between 5:45 and 6 and woke up at 8:40 to the sound of the FOX show, Quintuplets. I rarely take naps so late in the day. I worry I'll be unable to get to sleep in about an hour, but I'll hopefully be able to apply those hours to tonight.

Nearly out of jeans, and without the aid of an operating washer (or is it dryer?), I reached inside my drawer and pulled out one of the two pair left.

These two pair are what I wear out of desperation. Neither are that bad, really, but I don't care for them. One is a super baggy pair of black jeans that I couldn't wear due to not being able to find my belt.

The other, a pair of Levi's found when I pulled shirts that hadn't seen the light of day in ages (aka, "the forgotten shirt of the day") fit me perfectly in terms of waist and length, but due to them being average run of the mill Levi's and not "carpenter" or "wide leg" or any other gimmick, they really don't have a lot of give to them. The color isn't consistant all the way through, but then again, I've owned them since high school. Granted, they're baggy and comfortable, but I found it difficult to put my wallet or my keys into my pockets because the denim is so stiff. I bought some other jeans last year that are among my favorite due to the soft denim.

So anyway, out of the a-list jeans, I dipped into the b-list to wear my least favorite pair of jeans, and it's a good thing I did. Because when I put them on and reached into the pocket, I found something that I hadn't seen since just before I left to Seattle.

In fact, the day before I left, I remembered I had to use my spare key to get me around and was paranoid to the point of talking to myself, telling myself aloud to remove the key from the ignition. Eventually I got a spare made to avoid the worry.

I searched before I left. I searched after I left. I tore my room apart looking for my (and I swear it's the last time I'll use these phrases in this entry) a-list keys and settled on the b-list. There was another big crisis because I was low on gas, and my gas cap locks. The key was on the lost keys. On barely any gas, I drove out to the K-Mart to buy another one, only to find that they were out of the 75% off locking gas cap that they had ten days before. I did buy a non-locking one for $1, deciding to use it once I finally got my old one off. (As it turned out, while in the parking lot of the Auto Zone, I found the second key in my wallet. No more crisis.)

As you can see, the keys I found contain far fewer keys, keychains and items than the keys I had been using for six weeks.

I think the funniest thing about all of this is, within days of losing my keys, we bought one of those item locators. You know, you put a keychain on an item, and if you lose it, you simply push the button to locate it. I've had that keychain on my desk for weeks just waiting for the keys to be found.

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