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July 17, 2004 // 9:35 p.m. // Kilby rain

It rained today. In fact, it's still raining as I speak. In fact, it's still raining *very hard* as I speak.

Living in a desert, we've come to expect that the very little rain we do get in a year will end in May and won't resume until about October. Every summer, we'll have a storm where there's a trace of rain or some small fraction of an inch like 0.08" and once in a great while, we'll have a biggie sized summer rainstorm.

I guess ours was just overdue.

I thought I had seen it all when it came to concerts, but tonight proved me wrong. Five songs into the opening bands set, the power went out. Within the minute before this, it flickered off twice for less than a second. Of course, there were the obligatory jokes of, "we rocked the house down" and, "we broke Salt Lake" but after waiting a few minutes and then a few minutes more, it was decided to cancel the show and give refunds.

Sorry if the pictures look so blurry. No tripod + the darkness of rain + resizing = shaky hands for 1.3 seconds.

I almost didn't go, partially because I was low on money. Although I thought I'd have fun seeing my friends band play and I thought it'd be fun to run into Stewie and Rhian, I also hadn't printed out copies of the photo of Stewie, Rhian, Lindsay and I posing with the band Ex-Girl that I had promised to bring to this show. But since they weren't there and it didn't cost me anything, it all worked out.

I also didn't get the chance to run into the crush Maureen again (yeah I'm using a real name. I'm dead. But not as dead as I'd be if I used her nickname.) but perhaps this is a good thing, because I'd give good odds that I would be (again) to shy to talk to her.

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