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September 15, 2004 // 8:58 p.m. // Dreams for 100, Alex

I had a dream last night that I was competing on Jeopardy! against that that Ken Jennings guy. It wasn't an official show. I think it was similar to a 'preseason' or exhibition, because he lost the game before I played, but he advanced due to his record. I didn't know what happened in that game and only knew that he had lost because there was a producer walking up to each contestant telling them how much they had won. I heard all of this while walking up and getting used to my little Jeopardy! station.

This was a long dream. When I finally played, we played a complete and relaxed game, another exhibition not in front of a studio audience, but in some large multipurpose studio room. Everything went smoothly. I even won 11,200, and was able to successfully answer a question about lunchboxes. I believe the category had to do with what the lunchbox shown on screen promoted, and the specific lunchbox (and only question I remembered) promoted a Rilo Kiley CD.

After the "show" ended, I walked outside and it was a campground. A real true campground with portable burners, tents and sleeping bags. I walked a few hundred feet out the door, glanced at everyone's camping gear before following the U-shaped trail back toward the studio.

In the first cabin (only cabin, as illustrated above) next to the studio, was Ken Jennings sticking his head out inviting me in. "You're in here with me!" he said with a smile on his face. The cabins were very dorm-like with many people sharing this small room. "I think yours is the top bunk" he told me.

And that's when I woke up. Like I said, it was a long dream. How often do you play a full game, 70 or so questions of Jeopardy! in your dreams?

Entertaining right? I don't know why I typed up this dream, but I did wake up with this overwhelming desire to track down that lunchbox.

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