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October 24, 2003 // 2:24 p.m. // A list to bide my time

It's been a while (I think) since I've been in the mood to post a list:

  • SNL this weekend is having its best of Tracy Morgan episode. My only question is, "what are they going to do with the remaining 85 minutes?"

  • At our local 7-11, they were out of spearmint mints. I don't care for spearmint nor do I eat the brand of mints, but in the empty spot where the mints should have been was one of those tags that tell you what was there. It read, "CERTS MINTS SPERM" I don't know about you, but I don't want sperm flavored mints.

  • I ran into Chantilli at the Ani Difranco concert I went to. I almost didn't turn around when she said my name because I thought it was someone who had talked to me earlier.

  • I'm working on a real site to host my concert photos. Right now I'm just working on basics like scanning them in.

  • I'm about to watch one of my guilty pleasure TV shows that I recorded last night. Hint: It comes on the WB. There are four other guilty pleasure shows I watch on Friday nights, so today is a good night for TV for me.

  • Speaking of guilty pleasures, I may order Michelle Branch tickets when they go on sale tomorrow. I'm hoping her new album will grow on me because after just one listen, it's god awful.

  • I haven't had anything to eat since last night and am very hungry.

  • Our scale says that I weigh 145.5 pounds with my clothes on and off. It's never done that. My guess is something's wrong. Unless my jacket, t-shirt, pants, shoes and clunky belt weigh nothing. But the scale is right on one thing. After losing seven pounds at a concert last month, I am down to about 145 pounds. Some struggle to take weight off. I struggle to keep weight on.

  • The October Theme comes from a song by The Cardigans called, "Communication"

  • I'm sitting in the chair with my knees on my chin and my arms wrapped around my legs. I sit like this often at the computer.

  • I opened up the paper and they had one of those "x amount of unclaimed dollars" things, only this one actually had a huge list of names. Turns out my mom is on it. And I know it's her, because our address is there too.

  • After reading the premise for the Joe Schmo Show, I'm disappointed I didn't watch it. Turns out there's a marathon on Sunday before next Tuesday's finale.

  • If I had my painting class today, I'd be just getting to my car right about now instead of getting home hours ago. Boy, am I glad it's Friday, which means no 3 hours of painting and no R.E.M., U2 and Sting/The Police played over and over and over again on the class choice for radio.

  • My mom bought two copies of Clay Aiken's CD last week. She bought one, didn't like it, and then for some reason, bought a second. I suspect it's because his crazy 40+ year-old fans wanted to make him number one so bad, they bought two copies. She won't admit to that being the reason, but it has to be. Here's our conversation:

    Me: "Why did you buy two?"

    Her: "I'm going to sell one."

    "Then why did you open them both?"

    "One's for school and one's for home."

    "Why did you just say you were going to sell one then? And why didn't you just make a copy?"

    Her: "..."

  • When it comes to mail, I'm extremely busy right now. I have three school checks to send out, three packages to prepare, plus a birthday package and money orders to my credit card companies all to be done in the next two or three days. Plus I have three pieces of mail coming my way.

I didn't plan on this being so long. Really all I wanted to mention were the Branch concert, the sperm mints and the SNL thing. I mean 90 minutes of Tracy Morgan? What are they going to do, rerun his best sketch 17 times? I think I'm going to shoot my TV when they have the best of Horatio Sanz show.

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