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November 15, 2003 // 9:09 p.m. // Too little too late

I mentioned in my last entry that the charger for the digital camera couldn't be found, therefore, I had to take pictures of The Anniversary with my 35mm. I also mentioned that knowing my luck, I'd find the charger, something I had been looking for for five weeks the day after the show.

Guess when I found it? The day after the show.

I really wish I had been able to use the digital camera. I wanted to capture The Anniversary in color, but was stuck using an out of focus camera and black and white film, because I've yet to find a color film that works well at the venue. In any event, I found it just hours before I saw The New Amsterdams and Straylight Run on Thursday.

I'm still working on my concert photo site which should be done around the beginning of the year. I'm currently uploading the photos I take at shows to a site for everyone to see. Doing webpage stuff from scratch is hard, plus domain names and storage space can be expensive, so it's a modified diaryland site.

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