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December 16, 2003 // 11:27 p.m. // Not meant to be a LotR rant I may get some comments about this because some people who visit this are Lord Of The Rings fans.

Locally, there have been people waiting in line for two days for tickets. It's cold here as it probably is where you are.

So they wait for two days in line to see a movie and some of the tickets for the early screenings are listing for $200 on ebay and are apparently selling.

Is it really worth it for a movie? A $7.50 movie? A movie you can see with no problem in about a month? A movie you can see as many times as you want when it comes out on DVD in nine months? Maybe you could say that the whole thrill of waiting and the bonding makes it worth it and I know what you mean from waiting in long lines myself. But I just can't see getting excited over a movie. Any movie.

I think it's because I don't go to movies. I don't know what color Nemo is. I haven't seen any of the Disney Pixar movies. I've never seen Titanic or Gladiator or Star Wars or Lord Of The Rings or Harry Potter. In fact, I haven't been to a movie in a theater in more than two years. I haven't been to a movie that I wanted to see since the 90's. Walking into a movie theater is natural to many of you, but to me it's like walking into a store I've never been in before.

I don't go to movies because I'm not a movie fan. Some people can pop in any type of movie from action to romance to fantasy to comedy and love it. I'm more of a genre fan and couldn't enjoy Lord Of The Rings if I wanted to, though I'm sure it's an excellent movie.

I also don't go to movies because I don't like spending money and not getting an actual item in return. All you get at a movie is a ticket stub. But spending money at a store means you get an item. See what I mean? Of course, there is always the contradiction of why I go to so many concerts, but I can respond with the fact that I get pictures to take home.

I think half the people I read are going tonight or this week. Please don't take my rant as a rant against Lord Of The Rings. It just happened to be the hot movie out now. Like I said, I'm sure it's a great movie and maybe one of these days one of you can talk me into watching it.

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