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November 05, 2003 // 6:58 p.m. // Now substituting for Chantilli...

Last year, I made a connection with Chantilli. We'd spend hours chatting about the most unusual stuff. I ran into her at an Ani Difranco concert two weeks ago, just minutes after talking with a girl who recognized me from school who I also ran into today.

Anyway, Megan (spelling changed due to its unusualty) and I always walk from geography down to her next class and I always let her do all of the talking. It was the same way with Chantilli, which is one of the reasons they remind me of each other.

Generally when we talk and walk down to her class, we'll stop at the entrance to her classroom and chat until the clocktower chimes 11. That'll be her signal and mine to go to class. Today however, we stood outside in the cold and snow, she in her head-to-toe sweats, I in my leather jacket and kept talking after the bell.

And we kept talking, and talking, and talking. Or rather she did, but I didn't mind. You can really pick up on a lot of things by simply listening.

At 11:40, we walked to the shuttle bus. I had to run to my car to pick up a painting and she, realizing she had just missed all but the last ten minutes of her class, decided to come with me to continue the conversation.

She's just...interesting. She's only a handful of years older than I am, but she's lived more than just about anyone I know her age. I always look forward to chatting with her before and after class.

In a totally unrelated note, I passed by Movie Star Crush. She's still super cute.

Oh. And today's my mom's birthday. If she were to ask for a gift, I'm sure it'd be Clay Aiken related.

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