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December 04, 2003 // 8:30 a.m. // An abundance of past memories

Megan and I spent over an hour just chatting outside of her spanish class on Monday. I've come to realize that being very silent and responding 90% of the time with generic, "uh huh"'s and "yeah"'s leads me to getting a lot of info out of people. Before they realize it, they've spilled far more than they thought. Without even trying, I kept her from going to her spanish class. Before either of us knew it, it was 50 minutes later and her professor was walking out the door. He saw her and remarked, "you're a little late...You're a lot late." I actually kept her an additional 25 minutes, causing her to be late to her next class. It's not like I held her at gunpoint or anything. She could have left willingly.

On Wednesday, neither of us could stop laughing in class, though I was able to control it better and she was laughing much more than I. You see, in class we were discussing the world's supply of fossil fuels, and a kid asked a really stupid question. I just smacked my forehead and shook my head, which launched Megan into a loud round of laughter.

I guess you had to be there.

Whomever said there is no such thing as a stupid question never met the kid in my geology class. I occasionally write down his questions, and I should make a top 10 of the worst. I mean he thought the Ice Age and the industrial revolution took place in the same period! I believe his exact words were, "the ice age was going on at the end of the industrial revolution." I could go on for days. But the bottom line is Megan and I were more than just a minor distraction for five minutes in a small half full Ogden classroom on the second to last day of class.

I think talking to Megan is something I'm seriously going to miss about this semester ending. Our last day of class is on Friday, so it'll probably the last time we'll get to chat with each other. We'll no doubt have to get together at least once outside of class.

Sometimes you become friends with someone on a level like this and you know that its end is solely related to a calendar. It happened a year ago with Chantilli. It happened six months ago with Kaleena. And now I have to leave Megan and form an attachment with another classmate.

*sigh* At least I didn't have crushes on any of them.

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