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August 04, 2004 // 3:48 p.m. // Movies, schmovies

I'm totally drained of all energy, I mean totally, and I don't get this drained very often.

All day, I've been trying to explain why I don't go to movies, but no answer seems to suffice. I answer, and the questions keep coming. I answer again, and there are more questions. I suppose I haven't given a sufficient answer but when I do, I'm sure it won't do.

I'm trying to flesh my thoughts out on the $64,000 question of 'why doesn't Jason go to the movies', because friends of someone have been curious. I don't blame them. I'd be curious too if someone told me that they had never seen a single episode of Friends or a Tom Cruise or a Julia Roberts movie all the way through.

I'm trying to flesh my thoughts out on this subject even though I really can't think even a little bit and really don't want to. Plus, I've been petty and jealous today, but nobody knows why.

I'll pop back in when I can articulate why I went three years without seeing a movie until I saw Fahrenheit 9/11 a month ago. Or how despite seeing it twice, and two movies in 2001, I haven't gone to a movie that I've wanted to see since 1999.

I have it all in my head, but it really makes no sense. Just ask the person I spent an hour frustrating with this topic earlier today.

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