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September 07, 2004 // 7:50 p.m. // The only list that doesn't matter

I really have to write about the fun time I had on Friday, including running into a girl I hadn't seen since high school, and therefore doing something I promised myself all year I'd do, and partying with a friend on his 22nd birthday.

For the most part, I'm happy. I have to ship my camera off to Mahwah, NJ to be repaired, but the camera I want instead keeps dropping in price, and I'm hoping it'll drop another $10-15 by the end of the month when I buy it. I just found a memory card that's speedy enough for my needs, and just $110, compared to lesser cards going from between $130-250.

I want things I can't have, I want things I can have and I want things I don't need. But for the most part, I'm happy.

I haven't done it or talked about it much lately, but I have a plethora of crushes. We could delve into why Jason likes a girl who carries a see thru bag similar to these with Imperial Teen's On record on the outside. She probably couldn't have enhanced the crush anymore than she did by carrying that album in that bag without saying "I like you." If you like Imperial Teen, I like you. (Look at me throw in an Imperial Teen line to tie in with my entry. No one would get it, but she'd be proud.) They're touring this fall, and if they play the Salt Lake date with Le Tigre, I think I'll be jumping up and down like a little kid.

We could talk about why I hope the girl I ran into from high school on Friday mentions to her friend that she saw me and why the friend (who I also went to high school with) brought me about as close as I've ever come to one of those "the room is fuzzy, but the only person I see is this stunning girl" moments I've ever had. There's a very Audrey Hepburn quality to her. I'm really hoping that when my ex said, "my friend M______ has a crush on you" she was talking about her, because if you knew her name, you'd know that it isn't likely that there'd be two people with her name.

Or I could simply talk about the girl with the unusual name from the west coast that I talked to today, as tall as I am and tan with long straight black hair, who asked me to email her and who made me a bit nervous because she was so interested in what I had to say. I'm talking to her tomorrow. I think she was intrigued by the three cameras and huge camera bag I had with me. If you know me, you know it isn't easy for me to resist a hot girl who's tall, plays a musical instrument, and has straight black hair.

There's a fourth, a guitarist, an old crush that is slowly fading. She's incredibly nice, and walked over to me last week for the first time ever to initiate a conversation. She's another person I'm talking to again later this month.

Ok. You're all caught up on my crushes and you know more than you need to know. And frankly, it's even more than I need to know. But I suppose that's why there's paper journals to continue stories in.

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