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June 25, 2004 // 7:16 a.m. // Disappointed

I've been feeling a lot like her lately.

Lately, I've been investing far too much into people lately, which is only translating into disappointment on my end. I've also been thinking too highly of people and I'm trying to change that.

Normally, I approach things without expectations, which works on a multitude of levels. It allows for me to not be disappointed if things aren't what they were in my mind, and it also allows me to see things with an open mind. I'm leaving on a trip for Seattle and Portland tomorrow afternoon, and I'm taking the same approach into that.

The one thing I do tend to get my hopes up about is people. I invest far too much into them, and when things don't go the way I expect, or they do something totally stupid or unexpected (or even something expected because they've done it before) I'm disappointed.

It's just another pattern, I suppose.

I hope to have a number of pictures from my trip, because I'm bringing a number of memory cards and might bring my film camera. I might update while I'm there, but for now I think I need to start my packing and wrap up the laundry, because I haven't a thing to wear.

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