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November 20, 2003 // 9:29 p.m. // Recovery

Good news. There is a program that allowed me to recover my files on my memory stick from the show last night, despite the memory stick displaying that it was empty.

The way it works:

You download it for free, and if it recovers your files, you can pay $69 to buy it. It will not let you click on the files to save them, (otherwise there would be no point of spending $69) but you can view them.

What I did was view them and made them open through a different photo program than the recovery system was using, where I could then save my files in their full size.

So yeah. I beat the system and my files are as good as new. I lost two at the beginning (the two that caused the computer to freeze) and some at the end, but all that I wanted were on there. But then again, none of them turned out great. I was too far back and my digicam has no zoom. Plus, this venue has the stage the furthest from the crowd of all I've been to. That's what I get for showing up less than 20 minutes before the doors are to open.

Sherri, of Eisley

How do I describe Eisley? Just think Hanson without the pop. Four talented midwest family members ranging from 22 to 14 creating catchy songs.

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