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November 02, 2003 // 11:55 p.m. // Rosie Thomas: A must see!

I wanted to call everyone I knew at 7:30 p.m. to tell them to drop whatever it was they were doing and to come down to Kilby Court to hear one of the best voices you'll ever hear close up.

Rosie Thomas is that voice. The closest mainstream artist I can compare it to is Sarah Mclachlan, but she's even better. I downloaded her entire debut album this afternoon, instantly fell for it, and then was blown away tonight by her live. She didn't even play a full set. She was the opening act and she had the flu and cut it back to about seven or eight songs. Still, she packed a powerful punch.

She had sold out of her debut (a bunch of housewives who claimed to be big fans bought them, but couldn't name even the most obvious fact about her) so I bought her latest release and got her to sign it. We chatted briefly before I left.

If Rosie is coming to your town and you have a free night, at least consider going. Or at the least download a few songs. I recommend "2 Dollar Shoes" (which you can download here) or anything from the When We Were Small album. I could so go on about how I love Wedding Day or October as well.

She'll wow you, impress you and her sweetness will rub off on you. Plus, she's even better live than she is on her cd. But of course if you tell her that, she'll deny it, and she'll tell you that she's sick.

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