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August 11, 2004 // 7:56 a.m. // Remember the (dreams about the) Alamo

I picked up this week's Newsweek, because there was a story about dreams. I can't believe I spent $3.95 on it. Apparently, one of the most popular dreams among both men and women is the falling dream, one which I've only had remotely. I dreamt that our van went off a freeway and landed in a field below, but nothing other than that.

There was also this thing about "REM rebound" that explained if you went a long period of time (say, a month) getting only 3-4 hours of sleep a night, your dreams were more likely to be vivid and a bit weird. A dream someone I know had about Madonna comes to mind.

My dream the night before last wasn't so odd. In it, I was a pro basketball player, and found out that I had been traded to San Antonio. Yes, San Antonio. I called someone as soon as I heard, told them that I had been traded and how cool it was that I'd get to play there. (In real life, it's no secret that my favorite basketball player is Tim Duncan.) The person I called wasn't as excited as I was, and not long after that, I woke up.

Normally, I don't analyze my dreams. Usually, I don't have a clue what they mean. But I know exactly what this one means. It goes along with the one I vaguely remember about fighting at the Alamo "90's style." It was as if the people who remade Romeo and Juliet with Dicaprio decided to remake and rewrite the story of the Alamo with guys in denim and tiny handguns in a good ol' fashioned unrealistic modern movie shootout.

What surprised me about this dream was there was no "twist." There's always a twist or some non-true part of my dream. For example, had it been a normal dream for me, I would have been traded to some NBA team in Nebraska, which doesn't even *have* a team. The one about the Alamo had a twist. That being none of the stuff happened in real life like it did in the dream. Also, and I could be wrong, but as far as I know, Davy Crockett didn't fight in a backward red baseball cap and indigo Roc-A-Wear jeans.

Although Davy Crockett in a bulletproof vest would be kind of cool.

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