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August 30, 2004 // 3:12 p.m. // "Say when those..."

All day today, I've had various fight songs/pep rally chants/school songs from my high school stuck in my head. I found myself resisting the urge to yell out, "we're from East High, couldn't be prouder, if you can't hear us now, we'll yell a little louder" while sitting in the dining room just a few minutes ago.

I graduated a number of years ago, but I could go to a football game this Friday and recite a good 75% of the cheers, including our school song and our fight song. I blame my retention for such things on the fact that all it takes is repetitive listening for it to stick in my head. I could just as easily bust out singing any one of about five Spice Girls singles due to hearing them so often, but I think it'd take a mighty mighty bribe to get me to do so.

I can't believe that I just admitted to that. Oh well.

I never thought that I'd get our school song stuck in my head, but it's happened. I suppose I went to one or five too many pep rallies, assemblies and football games while I was in high school, while much of the campus used this time to head down the street to get coffee or breakfast.

And as a result, to this day, it may be why I can't tell a cappuccino or a frappuccino from a mocha, espresso or chai.

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