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October 10, 2003 // 10:37 p.m. // So many topics to choose from

With Britt and the crew, I spent time with a bunch of couples last Saturday as the seven of us drove fourty minutes or so in two cars to pick up four additional players who lived in the city we were to play our traditional game of capture the flag.

In many ways, I'm glad they never want to use my car. I can keep the gas money in my pocket and I don't have to put at least 100 miles on my car. Though it is very insulting when they automatically head to their car and don't even consider the idea of taking my much larger and roomier car.

Anyway, 11 people participated in the game of capture the flag (later renamed capture the glow stick) and there were four couples. In our original group of seven, there were three couples and I was the lone person. Normally I shake things like this off, but being around two married couples (one with children) that are younger than I am and another that has been together for six years made me not want to be there a few times.

So we played a short game because a couple had to be home early and the married with children couple (I realize this'd be easier to follow with names or at least initials) had to go home early to get back with their children.

As I draw this to a close, I don't even know why I composed an entry on this particular topic. I could have talked about the day I met Mandy Moore or the Some Girls concert I went to on Monday or even how small I feel in my art class with all of these semi-pro artists surrounding me. It could have been another fun picture entry because I have photos of all of the above. So much easier to follow and with visuals to pleasure the eyes.

But as it is, I wrote on couples and how hard it is to be around them when I'm usually the only one not coupled and how much more comfortable everyone would be if they chose at least once to sit in the ultra soft and large and roomy back seat of a Chrysler than a small Mazda with little headroom.

Thirty minutes later: Maybe subconciously this couples entry had something to do with the fact that I'm going to a wedding tomorrow. It seems as if this week weddings and couples have been all around me.

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