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October 17, 2003 // 8:59 p.m. // Some Girls photo essay

Ah yes. Another glorified concert photo essay where I provide more images than text. The reason for this today is a) I wanted the people I emailed about the concert to see visuals b) I didn't want to go a week without updating and c) taking pictures at concerts is honestly about all I do in my spare time now.

These photos were taken at the Some Girls show (Juliana Hatfield's latest band) and if you want to see a band that is actually better live than they are on CD, this is one. I highly recommend downloading the song, "Necessito" from their website because it is only the catchiest song out there and if you find a copy of their glorious cover, "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" you'll instantly be a fan.

Ok. This isn't a review even though I could easily make it one. These were just the digital photos. I hope the print version come out a bit better. These were without flash at the band's request. Enough already! Time to let those pictures roll...

Heidi Gluck, also of The Pieces.

Juliana Hatfield.

Freda Love and Heidi.

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