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August 13, 2004 // 11:55 p.m. // Tilly in SLC

I broke my digital camera today. I took pictures this morning and while doing so, the batteries died. When I got home, I accidently plugged a twelve volt plug into my poor six volt camera. Needless to say, it fried it, and even with new batteries, the thing wouldn't turn on.

The worst thing about this is even though I bought it less than a year ago and it's still under warranty for six more months, I may not be able to do anything about it since I bought it on ebay. If I email the seller and explain, and he can tell me where he bought it from, I may be okay. But yeah. No camera.

Actually, the worst thing about it is that when I went to see Tilly and the Wall tonight, I had to use our cheap $88 low quality digicam to take pictures. The worst part about it is it totally misrepresents what's in the viewfinder vs. your actual picture. Since I had no clue what I was doing or how to use this camera, I dusted off the ol' Canon 35mm SLR, and used it in addition to the digital. I mean, I know how to use that thing. And the photo quality will be much better.

I just hope that my photos turned out much better in my 35mm camera, because I'd hate for these two photos from the show to be the best I took all night:

Neely and Kianna. My two big crushes. Neely's just hot in every way and extremely talented. My weakness for tall girls with bangs is exposed. And Kianna was kind enough to return my email and hug me on multiple occasions.

A bad picture of Neely. And I almost feel like I need to answer a few questions, even if I may be the only one asking them:

1) No, Neely and Kianna aren't the only band members. Nick plays keyboards, Derek plays guitar, and Jamie tap dances.

2) No, I didn't try to only take photos of Neely. It just worked out that way. She and Kianna were standing right in front of me. Neely obstructed my view of Jamie and Derek, and Kianna my view of Nick.

3) Yes, it's another band member crush. It's like my third this week. All three girls were sweet and I was far too shy to tell them that.

4) Yes, I've totally self-conscious'd myself out.

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