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June 23, 2001 // 4:58 p.m. // So much too soon

The only reason it's taken this long for an entry is the internets has been down for the last few days, and I've been sleeping most of today.

It's good that I have.

If this entry had been entered at 8:00 yesterday, it would have be about B being stubborn about taking his car up to the university, and pissing me off by pulling foward everytime I put my hands on the door. This happened twice after the final time, I went inside and forgot about them. I turned off my phone so they couldn't call it. I hung up on them when they called the house. Then I didn't say a word to them for the next 2 1/2 hours while they were playing Virtua Tennis, eating at Wendy's and Baskin Robbins.

If this entry had been made at 1:00 a.m today, it would be all about how no matter what advice they give me, I'll still be afraid to ask someone out. For example, the two girls who came up to us and sat down at Wendy's who topic by topic and almost word for word followed the same conversation patern as the girls from Wendy's last time. One problem is, I don't trust them. The last time I went after a girl, it was Angie, and B stole her away. He's asked girls who I've asked not long after they've turned me down. Plus because of them, my confidence is shot. There is none left. Plus, taking advice from two people who've been on a grand total of three dates (combined) at the momemnt, and I'm the one with the problem? They need to look in the mirror for a second.

Also, earlier in the day we argued over the begining of a movie we're filming. Theirs makes no sense. There is no foreshadowing or conclusion in theirs. Plus, the characters aren't real if they go from being tough 3/4 of the movie, then are funny, then are serious, then are funny.

Yep. Plus in back to back subjects, my choice of crushes and my favorite bands were criticized Two subjects where the phrase 'if you don't have something nice to say then don't say anything at all' applies. It's not as easy to criticize their favorites because *they don't have any.* They 'like' many artists, they even have favorites, but they aren't big enough fans to pick up the CD the day it's released or to go to the concert if they sweep through town. Plus, if Sisqo isn't the best example of a one hit wonder since Natalie Imbruglia, I don't know who is. The fans agree. After one of his songs played on the radio, the DJ told people to call in and tell him what they thought. 85% said the never wanted to hear it again.

Today is my sister's birthday. She *officially* turns 15 at 6:20 tonight. I still haven't wished her a happy birthday, but will in a few minutes.

Did anybody watch that movie that was on USA earlier today about the small town holding the lottery where they stoned the winner? It's after the short story by Shirley Jackson called The Lottery and it stars Keri Russell and Dan Cortese. Is it called The Lottery? The story is great, and I recommend it. I only saw about 30 minutes of the movie though.

Hoping the next entry will be happier than the last.


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