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Jason recommends the album, American Weekend by Waxahatchee

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June 24, 2001 // 11:16 p.m. // Embarassment at the Wal-Mart

Just a brief entry. I'm trying this new design in my journal, because everyone else is changing theirs lately. It's a cool look.

I walked around the house today with one Adidas swimming sandal and one high top basketball shoe because I didn't feel like looking for the matches. It wasn't until I walked into Wal-Mart hours later that I realized I hadn't matched my shoes up. Talk about embarrassing. I ran in, looked for what I needed and then ran out.

I finished the soundtrack to the next film we're making. Songs include Elevation by U2, Hash Pipe (Weezer), Hanging By A Moment, My Own Worst Enemy, and Nelly's Ride Wit Me. Of course, this may be scrapped, but we have what I guess you could call a trailer for it already, complete with music and text. Music videos are our next project to tackle.


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