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July 2, 2001 // 10:45 p.m. // Relationships (not as interesting as you think)

I feel disappointed in myself due to the fact that I've had major things to write about, but have either decided not to, or decided to neglect my journal altogether. I began this because I hadn't been writing journal entries in my journal. It had become everything but journal entries. Plus now whatever I choose to include can be read by anyone, which makes me apprehensive sometimes, but as my creative writing teacher used to tell me, I should "trust myrself" and not look back.

So I'm not looking back at what happened Saturday.

Scratch that. What I want to look back on is the phone call G placed to Domo to get Brandie's number to get Dominique's number, to get Britt's number to get Randi's number.

And it still got us 360 degrees. Absolutely nowhere.

Without touching on the critical arguement I had with G and B that led to me getting in the car and us going up to Randi's house, I'll say this which will sound familiar to those of you familiar with Salt Lake. If looking for an address that is 2100 South and 2144 East, isn't the smart thing to take 2100 South since you know it will intersect with 2100 East after a while? My thoughts exactly. Instead we took 800 South up to Foothill Blvd., drove down 1700 South to 1900 East, turned left, missed it by a few blocks when we did get to 2100 South, all 15 minutes later than it would've taken if we used 1300 East and 2100 South to get there.

Now since only one person knows what I'm talking about, I won't do it again. But you understand what I mean, right Erin? Ridiculous to do all that driving.

So I call Britt at 11:30 p.m. as a last resort to see if she knew Randi's number or address. The above address we were given by Brandie didn't exist. There are no houses on 2100 South, and when we reversed he addresses and looked for 2144 South, all we found were 2130, 2158 then 2160. We didn't see how the numbers could jump like that in three consecutive houses. Like I said, I call Britt (another nickname would be Blue) and after asking if she was there, the first words out of my mouth were "this is Jason. Do you have Randi's number and address?"

"This is Jason Taylor, right?" she asked.


She told me to hold on as she went for the phone. As she searched for the number she seemed extremely happy to hear from me. Like the relative that you only see once a year.

"So how are you?"

"Pretty good."

"Why do you want Randi's number?"

"A friend has a crush on her." I'm a terrible liar. I'm also misled as to how great of friends she is with her and Crystal. Just because they were standing next to each other in the senior picture.

Britt then read off the address and as soon as she began reading it, I knew it was from the school directory, which contained a different address than the one Brandie gave us. The number from the directory had also been disconnected.

"We should hang out this summer."

"Yeah," I said.

"I have more of a social life now."


"I have more of a social life now that me and Miles broke up."

I admit it came as a shock, but not much of one. I had heard he had begun using drugs, and that consumed more of his life than she imagined. They were a couple this time for at least two years after about a one school year break.

"Call me and we'll go play basketball or something." She still sounded just as excited to hear from me as she had when we had begun talking. It made my day (with only fifteen minutes left of it) maybe even the month of June. She just didn't want to hang up with me, so I'll have to call her tomorrow, get together, catch up, and resist the urge to bring up T.E.N.T., the main person that divided us two years ago. In fact ironically, I'm going to Britt to take my mind off of T.E.N.T. two years after I went to T.E.N.T. over Britt.

Fortunately, I don't have a crush on Britt anymore. Now she's just a friend. A great friend when we always hung out. It's a good thing I don't have a crush. Otherwise, I'd feel pressure to go after her since she is on the rebound.

Now totally breaking the subject, the last four CD's I've tried to burn have failed on or about tracks six-eight. All four in the same spot.

Happy b-day to Amber, who turns 19, and who had a baby last summer. I've known her since I was five. From kindergarten to 8th grade we were in the same classes. In 9th grade and part of 10th, we were interns together. I can't believe little Amber had a baby. Now our roles are reversed. She's the outgoing one and I'm the shy one. Why are there so many people having babies from 16-19. Sheesh.


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