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July 12, 2001 // 7:39 p.m. // Yesterday

Yesterday's game of volleyball was a blast, until Mike came and brought Sarah and her younger brothers and sisters. It meant less attention for me and more attention for him. We never did go swimming either. When we drove past Britt's house, we saw her relatives who were visiting from out of town. She told us that was the reason we may not go swimming. Plus it began to sprinkle lightly.

For a long time, I've only been eating one meal a day (at the most two) and today is no exception. My last meal was at about this time yesterday. A Wendy's combo meal if you must know.

This morning also involved the painstaking process of experimenting, wiring, and then rewiring the neon lights in my car to get them working again. Now I have a cigarette adapter that allows me to plug four items into one outlet. Before, I had three running into one, which caused fuses to blow left and right.

So if B likes Lindsey and Kari and will do nothing about it and G likes RaDeck and will do nothing about it, why are they pressuring me to call Polo, Pea Soup, Randi or even Sariah?


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