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July 22, 2001 // 4:18 p.m. // Researching car stereo info

I've been on the internet all day researching information about features included in car stereos. When I find one that appears perfect, I always find it does not have one key feature that I really want. I'm strongly leaning toward the JVC, due to the fact that it has an auxillary input located on the face of the stereo as opposed to the back, and I really like the adjustable settings on it. It all depends on if I get my Nomad Jukebox or not. If I do, it wiil be easier with front inputs. If not, I may go with the Pioneer, which is satellite radio ready as well.

G has his own plan for buying his stereo. He wants me to go in to buy the stereo and return it a few days later. He will then hold it in the back for ten days, where it will be marked down 30% (20% for being returned, 10% more after ten days). Then he will buy it, and with his associate discount, he will receive a total of 40% off of the total cost. It's a good plan, but I hope he doesn't get busted. B did the same thing and got away with it.

Next Saturday may be the day of the show. That's if we can get Willie, Ramon, B, Shay, Ms. Liz and my sister's schedules straightened out.

New week, new random lyric artist.

Nikka Costa random lyric:

"There are times in our lives

When our hearts fear our minds

We can't afford to ignore

What our hearts are beating for."

----Tug of War


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