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August 14, 2004 // 12:09 a.m. // Stickin' around

Briefly today, I gave some thought to trading teams, jumping ship, signing elsewhere and hopping on the livejournal bandwagon. Three people I read that were/still are on my buddy list have packed their diaryland bags in search of greener pastures at lj, including the person who intoduced me to diaryland. Another, the second person I began reading, has also moved. It does get to be a little difficult when so many people you read, but more importantly are friends with and exchange actual mail with move and you have to remember to check their sites. But so it goes.

I do like diaryland, but it's a lot less fun without the comments section and the wait (I'm waiting right now and it's 12:04 a.m.) to compose an entry during peak hours. I could go supergold, but I've spent more money than I care to calculate right now on this site, and Andrew still didn't return my emails. Literally. He lost my emails when the webmail server died (he said they were backed up), and I'm missing several important emails from 2002.

I think I'll stick here. I like it. But I'm a total free agent, so you can't blame me for wanting to test the water of other journals, right?

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