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July 20, 2001 // 9:04 a.m. // The first ever remembered Polo dream

I have an entry 10 hours ago you may or may not have read. It was typed late, and it's early now. You were probably asleep.

Happy fifth birthday to a computer wrestling game that I've played every single day for the last five years. Today, I plan on playing it for the last time, sending it into retirement, forgetting about it for the time being. It was fun while it lasted, but all good things must come to an end. I haven't been into it much this year either. Rest in peace Rampage Wrestling.

I just returned from the coffee shop of local alt/rock radio station X96, where I entered a contest to win Depeche Mode tickets for G. He can then woo Jong Song (prounounced "Yong") away from her fiance, and the two can live happily ever after where he can raise rabbits in the backyard, and she can eat them. Either that, or she can take the tickets and give one to her brother or her fiance.

Note: I didn't win either pair of tickets, but I did get the tastiest smoothie I've ever had at the coffee shop.

On the heels of the RaDeck dream last night, I had another dream that revolved around a former high school classmate. In this dream, I was playing basketball at my alma matter, and after we lossed the game, I walked out of the gym, and saw Polo at a table nominating junior week royalty. My sister took the paper from her hand, and looked at the photos of the nominees on the paper.

"That's how it was after junior prom. I got my pictures (you didn't speak to me) and that was that."

"I'm sorry," I said. The comment was all too real, even for a dream. For three months, the only time we spoke was at the dance. I gave her her half of the dance pictures, and we never spoke more than chit chat again.

"It's just weird you called almost exactly a year after we went out (for a friend)."

"I wanna go out with you," I said.

"And I wanna go out with you," she said.

"OK then, let's go."

"Out of state?" she said.

Later in the dream, we drove toward my house in her Jeep Cherokee (which I don't think she has) where she told me she had just broke off a relationship with a 89 year old in Idaho named Danny. I think that crept into the dream because I saw a story on Anna Nicole Smith. So there wasn't much more to that dream other than I had my arm around her while she was driving and had the other arm on her knee. Actually, I think the Polo dream was sparked by the photo of Natalie Imbruglia with short hair on the webpage where I come up with the random lyric.

I have a dentist appoitment. All I have to say is I hope mine doesn't love to inflict pain.

Random Natalie Imbruglia quote:

"Don't ya think it's time we re-invistigate this situation,

Put some fruit on your plate,

You forgotten how it started."

--"Big Mistake"


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