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July 25, 2001 // 10:51 a.m. // What's with the melodrama?

Yesterday's attempt at cornrowing my hair was as much of a sucess as it was a failure. Yes the job is done, but because the hair is too short in some places and I ended up squirming and messing it up, the cornrows are uneven at the back. Plus, my sister has a rounder head than I do, so it looks much better on her. So I ended up wearing a bandana and a hat yesterday (and today as well) to cover it up. G and B haven't seen it yet.

Our show Saturday is in jeopardy, and this time it's not because someone's out of town, or because we're not ready. It's because for once a fight has come between the oddities, and it doesn't involve me being mad at them and visa versa. B is apparently "going out of town" this Saturday, when he's known about the show for two months. The reason being he's upset that when he went to California a little over a week ago with Jesse, G ended up not going. G explained that he didn't have enough money to go, but B doesn't believe him. How do you think I feel? I wasn't even asked to go! Not that I would have gone anyway. If I go on a trip, it'll be with anyone but them.

So now he's acting "like I would have" (bullshit) and is putting the show in jeopardy. The only thing is we don't need him for anything but the first fifteen minutes. So if he's against showing up so much, we could film a promo explaining why he's absent, or add in to the storyline that he has to leave on business and that he has to hire someone to take his place. Either way, I'm upset, and I'm not going to let him forget about this one.

P.S. That Zoloft commercial makes me feel really sad.

Random Nikka Costa lyric:

"your flight is longer that usual

and you conscience ain't no company

i'm there smiling and warm i missed you so

and can't wait to show you how i feel

but you feel nothing at all"


"What's with the melodrama?"

-Talib Kweli


P.P.S. I'm pining over Pea Soup.

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