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August 18, 2001 // 4:34 p.m. // Bring out the Starzz

I'm still laughing when I think about it.

The two guys cheering and ranting at last night's Starzz game as if their very lives were at stake should the team lose.

I've always been the kind of fan that enjoys watching the game, and if it does happen to get exciting, or a great play is made, I get into it. But other than that, I'd like to sit and watch.

The kid sitting next to me kept standing when the Starzz took the floorm clapped after every basket, and grimaced or stomped when a turnover or a bad call occurred.

A man sitting two rows in front of us was worse. He'd jump out of his seat on every shot (blocking our view) and he kept yelling at the referees for calls that obviously weren't bad. He was really into it. Even though we spent most of the game down by at least 15, he was screaming and pleading his point until the very end.

My mom, my sister and I arrived early to the game to get tickets. As we walked onto the Delta Center plaza, a man on stilts gave away three tickets. I was just seconds away from getting them. "Great," I thought, "now we'll have to pay $5 apiece for our tickets."

But we didn't. As we were in line at the ticket window, a man offered us two free tickets. We took them although there were three of us. As we went to buy tickets, we asked if a third seat was available anywhere near the two we had been given. As it turns out, there was. And the ticket had been left there by someone who couldn't use it. And even better, the ticket was right next to the other two. She gave us the ticket for free, meaning we got in free after all.

I saw two ushers (or as I call them "green coats" because of the green vests they are required to wear) that I knew. One was Amber's dad, who has worked there for at least eight years. The other was Josh's dad, who was a friend of mine in third and fourth grade. He's now an intern at KJZZ TV here in Utah.

As for the game, we were crushed. After the opening five minutes, there was no chance we were going to win. A win wasn't expected, but hoped for nonetheless.

I was disappointed that I didn't see Aubs there, who is leaving to go to school at SUU this Sunday. The two of us have emailed each other since 1997, but the only times we've seen each other in that time was a handful oof times in the summer of 1998. I still have a super ultra wicked mega crush on her.

I also have a crush on Laura, who works at a local Smith's grocery store. In fact, I bought something just so I could go to her checkstand. Our conversation consisted of "How are you today?" and "Do you have your Fresh Value card?" but it didn't matter to me. At least she smiled at me a few times.

Call me a boy with a crush.

Random Mariah lyric:

"Haven't you noticed

A gleam in my eye

Because of you

I'm a little hypnotized

But every time you're with me

I feel so positive

Now with a little love

Something's got to give

Baby won't you be my sweetheart?"


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