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August 27, 2001 // 3:01 p.m. // More Aaliyah with a touch of school

It's only slightly easier to handle Aaliyah's death than it was yesterday. Throughout the day I've been reminded of it left and right from conversations, to news reports to programs offering a retrospect of her life.

I listened to her hits as I drove up to the union building to bowl yesterday. Every song had more meaning and more power to me. I don't think I've ever been a fan of a musician or an actor that has been cut down in their prime. Even watching the highlights, the videos, the memories associated with her songs hurts.

Heading back to school for the first time in exactly four months was also different. My classes are more difficult this semester than ever before. It worries me. So far two of my teachers has Breakfast Club-like nicknames. Mr Wurtz, the foreigner (Anthony Michael Hall) and Mr. Soderberg, the dictator (Emilio and Judd). English looks to be the easiest.

More on school tomorrow.

Random Aaliyah quote:

"Mama always told me to "Be careful who I love"

And daddy always told me, "Make sure he's right"

I always had my eyes, on this one particular guy

I was too shy, so I decided to write."

-4 Page Letter

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