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August 29, 2001 // 8:01 p.m. // Coincidences separated by nine months

Sorry for the choppy sound-alike sentences that follow. I'm in a hurry.

Today was the first day the three of us hung out since school started for G last week, but all we talked about was school, Aaliyah, and cars.

We bought CD's. Or at least G did. I'm attempting to save my money the best I can.

I was late for school again today. I still dislike my history teacher, who I ran into at the bookstore. He asked if I had bought my books yet. I told him no, but I was going to. As it turns out, I only bought one book for one class out of seven books for four classes. I ran into a girl who recognized me from history class, and she asked me if I could find one of the two history books. Turns out, they're out, and they're ordering more.

I also saw Jessica and Kim from last semester. Jessica was really cool, and Kim was a crush from last year.

Severe case of deja vu to the second day of second semester last year.. First off, I saw Kim, who hadn't attended school the first day of last semester. I caught her up to speed on the class, and we soon became kindof friends. Also, I bought my books, which I did on the second day of last semester, and I felt tired while driving home. Last year on the second day, I was involved in a car accident because I was tired behind the wheel. The clincher came with the CD: Spacehog. A British band. Last year as I got in the accident I was listening to another British band, Travis. Thank God I made it home safely. I drifted to sleep soon after.

I wrote another song. It's getting me closer to writing poetry and fiction again. I think I'll take another shot at second person fiction with Lorrie Moore's book as my guide of course.

Random Aaliyah lyric:

"Thought I had a love, but I was kidding myself, baby.

By the time I learned the truth about it,

He was sleeping with someone else.

But not you baby."

-Choosey Lover


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