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August 31, 2001 // 6:56 p.m. // Crushes: Ya gotta love 'em

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to my newest crush Mistie from Park City.

I saw her at my sisters back to school night. I have such a crush.

This means Laura presumably from Salt Lake, Tiffany from Cache Valley and Mistie from Park City have now taken over my pie chart. I could even include Gina from last year, but I won't. If you count Pea Soup from high school, it's five.

I don't know why I like having crushes, but I do.

I almost got to talk to Tiffany in history. I did talk briefly to Tacey who seems cool. She's a character. Tiffany, who showed up on time for the first time this week, sat kitty corner from me today.

As for the on time thing, I can't say the same for myself.

I was late for the third straight day. I even left my house at 6:45 to arrive to a 8:00 class, but I was still five miunutes late. There's something about your mom bitching you out for running late when her forgetting to wake you up (I woke up on my own at 6) is the reason you were late in the first place that gets to me.

As for my "don't wear a hat to school" teacher: I saw him in the bookstore wearing a visor, much like the one he asked me to take off. I'd call him on it, but it's only three days into the semester.

Random Aaliyah quote:

"She would probably leave you alone

She would probably curse you out and unplug her phone

I bet she'd be glad that he was gone

And then she wouldn't have to worry."

-If Your Girl Only Knew

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