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September 2, 2001 // 1:32 p.m. // Like meeting for the first time

My uncle called me up yesterday at about 3:00 to ask me if I wanted to go to a football game with my cousins. I said yes, he picked me up, and we arrived at the stadium shorty thereafter. This was the first college football game I had ever been to. Prior to this, the only football I had seen live was on the high school level.

We arrived at the stadium extremely early. The game wouldn't start for another 90 minutes. So there we sat, my uncle, his two daughters, their two kids and two others that I didn't know. We won't even get into how big of Ute fans they are. In fact of the eight of us, I was the only one not wearing red. At least I was wearing a football jersey.

As we left the stadium, I heard my phone ring for the first time all night. After talking briefly with my sister, I looked down to find I had eight missed calls. G called moments later, and we made plans to hang out after I got home.

To understand my family would be a miraculous thing. We don't get together for holidays, birthdays or reunions. It had probably been seven years since I had last seen my uncle prior to his visit on June 18th. It was the first time I had seen my second cousins, and likely only the third time I had seen my first cousins. We really don't communicate much.

"Jason," he said, "you know I love your mom, but I wish she was more of a big sister to me. I was a big brother to her." My mom is the oldest, followed by four boys, Carl, Clarence, Chester and Charles and finally my aunt Cathy.

When I hear stories told by other members of the family, I realize how little I know. I had never heard the serial killer story, and I never knew that one of my relatives has been on the radio on Friday mornings for 11 years. He also began to tell me other things I didn't know. He said that since alzheimers runs in our family, that my mom and I should begin taking vitamin E tablets. "Do you drink out of aluminum cans?" "Yeah." "Stop it," he said as serious as a heart attack. I couldn't help but laugh. "I'm serious. Tell your mom to get rid of the aluminum cans."

He bought us Krispy Kreme donuts which were three dollars for four donuts. They actually were nothing special. And for the same price, I can get a dozen glazed donuts for the same price at a grocery store.

G, B and I hung out later that night. I had no money, but I could have got it by taking my sister to eat before they arrived to pick me up. Unfortuantely, they arrived too soon, and my sister didn't get her food, and I didn't get my money. I have a hard time separating last night's dream and what happend yesterday like did B get a boot on his car, or not?

It wasn't until 2 that we called it a night after driving through foreign neighborhoods for an hour. After waking up at five, I went back to sleep at around seven and only woke up about an hour ago, just as G called to ask to go camping. First off, the notice is too short. Second, I really don't like to camp. The only reason I went on the museum camping trips was because of the people in the internship.

It was four years ago today that I wrote my first journal entry in a formalized journal. It was about Princess Diana, who had died the preceeding weekend. I'm now on the eve of finishing my fifteenth or sixteenth journal.

Random Aaliyah quote(s) (to make up for yesterday)

"How could the one I gave my heart to break my heart so bad?

How could the one who made me happy, make me feel so sad?

Won't somebody tell me so I can understand.

If you love me, how could you hurt me like that?"

-The One I Gave My Heart To

"What's your problem?

Lets resolve it

We can solve it, What's the causes?

It's official, You got issues

I got issues, but I know I miss you"

-We Need A Resolution

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