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September 3, 2001 // 4:39 p.m. // Lies, lies, lies yeah

I ended up going camping yesterday, but technically I didn't camp. Since we were out until 2 on Saturday night, I wanted to get home to get some sleep. If I camped, I'd likely get no sleep. So I decided I'd head home at midnight, and I'd at least get five hours of sleep.

To entice me into going, they told me the site was just 10 minutes outside of the city. Anyone who knows Salt Lake will tell you that although there are many close places to camp, none are only 10 minutes outside of the city. I found this out the hard way as we hit the freeway and headed up Big Cottonwood Canyon toward Solitude.

Another thing they didn't count on was it was Labor Day weekend, and camping sites would be tough to come by. We ended up taking two dirt roads off of the street (one taking 20 minutes to drive less than two miles, the other five minutes) that led us nowhere. We found a site about five minutes above Solitude where fellow members of Youth Teaching Youth and I slid down the side of the mountain just after my junior year ended.

At this time, it was about 11:45, and I wasn't going to drive 40+ miles and more than two hours to turn around in a half an hour. So as I sat in B's car, I kept attempting to calculate how long it would take to get home and what time I would have to leave to get a decent amount of sleep. 12:30, 12:45, 1:00, 1:15, 1:45 all rolled around without me leaving, because the conversation would always get to good to leave. Just after 1:45, all four of us began writing songs which kept me there for another hour.

B began to fall asleep at 3:15, and since the conversations about Pea Soup, Polo and Tiffany had died down, I decided it was time to leave at 3:37.

Everything coming home was downhill so I made it down the winding road in only seven minutes. I was out of the canyon 1n 15 more. It was now 4:00, and I was expecting a cal on my phone from my mom chewing me out about how late I was. I finally made it home at 4:30, driving cautious as ever due to the fact that I was tired, and I had a broken side light (hardly noticable) on the car. I had Texas (the greatest driving music ever) playing as I darted in and out of various construction barrels.

I had concocted a story to go along with my late arrival: We went camping, and I was going to leave earlier, but I took a nap because I was tired, and overslept. But as far as I know they didn't notice, but just in case, I snuck in the back door careful as ever just in case.

I doubt I'll have anything to say tomorrow, so I'll save what happend today for then.

Random Gin Blossoms lyric:

"How can I find something

That two can take

Without stumbling as we

Walk into our future's wake

I'm like a broken record

That you can play

Repeating as if it matters

Everything I want to say"

-As Long As It Matters

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