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Jason recommends the album, American Weekend by Waxahatchee

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September 5, 2001 // 9:53 p.m. // An open letter to Jason


Please believe me when I tell you that everyone loves you. Those who think negatively of you have only seen parts of the wonderful things you have to offer. It's the amazing way you are able to listen to anyone who is having a problem. It's the way your smile cheers others up. It's your sense of humor that very few people get.

You are more than this though. Remember how Audrey looked you in the eye last April with a twinkle that could only mean true sincerity? Or how nervous you made Katherine when you asked her about the phone call? How about how you were able to deal with all of Thora's antics like a true gentleman? I adore these things about you.

The talents you have that you choose not to reveal could wow the world someday. Please trust yourself, and go with the feeling.

You will find that special girl. You will find the girl that will physically drop you to your knees when she looks at you. You'll have someone to release all of this too. All of the problems with Angie and Thora. All of the problems with all of your friends. It will come sooner rather than later. You You will learn to love again, trust again, reach out again. You will find true love. You will live happily ever after.

I want you to remember why you taped the yearbook messages up in the first place. Think back to the day you were copying them down, and how many people care about you. Then read each one out loud and tell yourself that every word of it is true. Do this until all sixty are read.

Then begin to trust, begin to love, even begin to cry if you need to. You've brightened the lives of so many. Now it's time for you to work on yourself.

With all my love,


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