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September 6, 2001 // 10:45 p.m. // The end in sight

I'm feeling much better today. Actually with only one exception, I forgot about everything that was troubling me yesterday. The road back home again began with watching one of the greatest sporting events I've ever seen in Agassi vs. Sampras. Today I wasted some of my check on food, VHS tapes, HotWheels cars and car accessories. I still have to buy the rest of my books tomorrow at school. I'm now two weeks behind.

Tomorrow is my chance to get on track. I can win up to 15 bonus points for my "nametag." An extra credit assignment we were given in history to create a nametag made out of something of historical significance led me to making an uncovered wagon out of a box, pins, cloth, electrical tape and useless CD-R's. I doubt I'll win top prize, but hopefully very few will have done it, and I'll pick up some points. I should've done the earlier extra credit too. Oh, Jason. Why do you delibrately put yourself in holes you know you can't dig out of.

Today's VMA's were awesome. Jamie Foxx was the funniest host I've ever seen for an MTV award show. More on it tomorrow, but I loved Insult the Comic Dog, NSync's stage setup, and the King of Pop's special performance. Andy Dick's (as Daffney Aguilera) line about Christina Aguilera just before he chased her down was hilarious. The tribute to Aaliyah touched me, Missy's stage wowed me, Nelly Furtado, Nikka Costa and Sheryl Crow made me happy, and Mudvayne surprised me.

Random Gin Blossoms lyric:

"I thought a lot along the lines

And I've been fooled about all night

Wiped clean always by midnight

Three, four peaks all I could see

In the morning it's a hundred and ten degrees

I lie awake half the night

Autumn is coming it seems like it's in sight."

--Idiot Summer

(Though Britney Spears "Stronger" may be a more fitting song.)

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