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September 14, 2001 // 9:32 p.m. // Yearbook quotes part 2

On the 13th of July, I had an entry where I basically signed peoples yearbooks with how I truly felt toward them. I feel like doing it again...


I tried, and tried, and tried. It seemed like you may have liked me just a touch at one time, I began to like you, so I asked you to the dance. Granted, I was unprepared and we scrambled to get things together (and I forgot my dress shoes and wore tennis shoes in the dance pics), and your friend was crying, but all she does is sleep and cry! Come to think about it, much of this was my fault, but you didn't have to belittle me the first day back at school after the dance. Your comments were dead on, but you still can't write your way out of a paper bag and you'll never amount to anything at community college. P.S. Thanks for the valentine.


It's been just a few days of school so far, but you've already demolished one of the barriers on the path to my friendship. You know your stuff. Don't let anyone else tell you you don't.


Fool me once, shame on you, but deceive me and delibrately lie to me when telling me we can't go to prom, shame on me. Thanks for giving me butterflies in my stomach and for making me uneasy whenever you're within 40 feet of me. You'll regret this when your looks go and I'm famous. Hope SLCC treats you right.


Fool me once, shame on you, but deceive me and delibrately lie to me when telling me...wait a minute...Thanks for helping me learn to trust again before demolishing every shred of dignity I had last summer 500 miles from home. You taught me a valuable lesson: a true friend always stabs you in the front, and you can deal with loss about as well as T.E.N.T.


Sweetie, I think Ben Folds said it best in the song "Gone" when he said, "I hope you find some time to drop a note but if you won't, then you won't and I will consider you gone." The note, the drama gatherings, New Year's Eve and the prom were nothing. Prepare for Armageddon the next time we meet.


So naive. So your boyfriend lies to you about something "unforgiveable" you break up and then you take him back after he threatens to do the same "unforgiveable" act? You kids are good together. Anyone can see that. But I'm sick of playing Devil's Advocate and having to shake my head in private telling myself "I told you so." Maybe that's why we haven't said a word to each other since the 27th. And to the rest of the crew, my crush on her ended after tenth grade when she took someone else back after brushing off my advice. It bombed miserably. I tollllld you sooooo...


Random Better Than Ezra lyric:

"Here we are

Foreign to their world

Straight and composed.

Your sermons I can do without

And I finally found

That everybody loves to love you

When you're far away."

-At The Stars

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