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September 16, 2001 // 11:05 p.m. // I've finally hit the predictable stage

First McDonalds 1999, then Wendy's 2000 now KFC 2001.

I frequent these fast food places so frequently, that at the respective establishments certain employees have know my order as I walk up. At McDonalds it was four cheeseburgers, and super sized coke and fries. Wendy's it's the double cheeseburger combo meal biggie sized. Finally today as I walked into KFC, I was caught totally off guard. I hadn't even approached the counter yet when the employee said, "Four piece chicken original. No mashed potatoes." My jaw nearly dropped. All I could do was laugh at this unexpected occurance. He doesn't even serve me often.

"You haven't been in for a while man!"

"Yeah I know." It had been a week to the day. I always go over there at about 6:45 on Sunday nights. So actually I was right on schedule.

I spent today typing up five one page papers for english about stories I had not read. A lot of BS'ing, hopefully it gets me somewhere.

All of these short trips I'm taking my sister on (the mall, McDonalds) are really killing my gas tank. I had it all planned out to where I'd have just enough gas to go to school tomorrow and to tomorrow's Weezer concert. Now because of today's trips, I have just enough to get 1 3/4 of the way home from school.

Random Weezer lyric:

"My girl's a liar

But I'll stand beside her

She's all I've got

And I don't want to be alone"

-No Other One

"I gave my blood my sweat, and my tears to WCW!"


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