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September 20, 2001 // 3:29 p.m. // misc.

First of all, this layout is probably temporary. I may keep it, but I really don't like the older entries page, or the fact that you have to scroll constantly to read the entries.

My sister called me from school just as I was stepping out of the house today

"Are you doing anything?"

"I was going to get some money orders."

"Oh," the guilt trip and persuasion comes on. "because I wanted to go to lunch. If you pick me up, I'll buy you lunch."

I had no intention of taking her up on the offer, but I decided I'd be nice and take her. After all, she listened to me blab all about Mistie yesterday.

I rushed to her school thinking I'd be late, but when I called her from the front of the school, she was still in class, and told me lunch wasn't for another ten minutes. So I just sat in the car, listened to music and organized the drivers side console and sorted the trash from the treasure. The trash was basically anything I hadn't scrawled a comment on. Whether it be driving, or sitting, if I hear something I feel is important enough to write down I do. Imagine 10-15 sheets of scratch paper already printed on with comments blanketing them in every color of pen and at every angle. When she finally did come out, we went to McDonalds where she got the usual: Two McChicken's and a medium root beer.

I picked up the money orders and hoped to see cashier/bagger Laura, who I just realized looks a lot like Mistie. She wasn't working, so I left.

A man asked me for a dollar so he could buy beer. At least he was honest. As I was digging through my pocket for the smallest amount of change possible, he noticed something on my face and wiped it away. "You don't have to wear makeup, it'll come naturally." All I could do was laugh out of embarassment and walk away quickly. It was true. A cream I had used earlier that morning looked like makeup, and I had not wiped all of it from my face. There was still residue on my cheek that resembled makeup after it had dried.

I headed to the bank to cash a check, and the teller next to me had the most unusual name. But when I got to the car, guess what? I didn't write it down. But I did write down a few other things, including the track number, minute and second of a song that had a lyric I liked for quick reference.

And I did end up going to McDonalds after all and I ended up paying for it myself. I went healty though. I bought a strawberry/raspberry parfait, that immediately conjured up images from the day of a dance nearly two years ago, because it was what I ate just before I picked up C-Lee. It could've been a free meal (the food, not the date, sickos) but I felt guilty.

Looks like I'll have to pick my sister up from a sophomore football game waaaaaay across town. Why can't she be like a normal student and only go to the home games? Because she's sophmore VP and she gets in for free.


P.S. She just called, and she's stranded very near where I was after taking the public transportation system to the Utah Highway Patrol office after my car accident in January. It's gotta be the area.

Random Weezer lyric:

"It's all that I can do right now

To make it up to you somehow

And meet you on the other side of home"

-Knock-down Drag-out

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