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September 21, 2001 // 1:52 p.m. // Tiffany, Nikka crushes for different reasons

No traffic, so I was on time to school for only the third time in the last four weeks. That's thrice in twelve days of school. Not only was I early, but I walked into the class at the same time as Todd twenty minutes before class began. Bored, I began to write a different version of Nikka Costa's song, "Who's Loving You" staying true to the melody, but with different lyrics. Not that I don't love Nikka's lyrics, I just love the song too much to let the lyrics sit in my journal.

By the way, Nikka was on Oxygen last night. I always seem to catch some of my lesser known favorite female singers on there. She's touring with Beck, and they shared a lot of info on her most fans know, but most people would find interesting.

Our history teacher, in addition to his no hat and no heavy jacket rule, has a rule where all of the seats at the front of the classroom have to be filled, and if they're not, the person at the end of the row has to move to fill in the empty seat. Just as my row filled (making me feel better that I wouldn't have to move up a seat) Donovan from in front of me moved one row over so that his friend wouldn't have to move to the front. This left a one seat gap that I'd surely have to fill unless someone came to sit there.

Person after person came in and sat everywhere but that seat. About seven minutes after, Tiffany walked in, scanned her usual area for a seat and found only one lone chair in front of me. It seems whenever I'm on time, Tiffany's late. Not even the philosophy teacher professing his love for TV shows Buffy, Sabrina and singer Britney Spears (for "example sakes only." Sure.) can top that.

Not even the standup comedian's jokes between classes about the stupid things that people I know do on a regular basis could top that.


Random Weezer lyric:

"She said she's feeling lonely

And I say that's Ok

She won't be coming back 'round here, no way"


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