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June 01, 2002 // 12:49 p.m. (CST) // J E L L O!

(Note: I've decided to write my Jason Taylor/Apexsensatin tribute entry a bit early. I'm a trendsetter like that. Besides, I have time to kill and he gave me his password a long time ago...)

Jason told me once that Jell-O is the official food of Utah. Apparently, you can't party without it. There are Jell-O vending machines (which I'm patiently waiting to get pictures of) and the Jell-O aisle in grocery stores are absolutely unbelievable. So, I got to thinking, why not tribute Jason by writing about his favorite thing?

Things Jason Taylor has said to his Mormon girl girlfriend:

"Oh come on baby, we'll just go to the Jell-O museum for the day. We can learn so much!

"We break up and you're not getting the mold set back."

"Look baby, I got you this Jell-o tee shirt, it's pink. Just wear it to bed once for me. Pleeeeassseeee."

Here's an image of Jason and his friend Guppy chowing down on some fine Lime Jell-O.

And here's jason at his favorite past time: (On a sad note, I must mention that Jason only placed in third place this competition. Highly disappointing for the young man. "Yeah, I so sucked that year. But I came back the next year and kicked ass!")

Here's bill cosby giving Jason a very special jello award:

Here's Jason little sister, all about the jello...

Finally, here's Jason's favorite jello mold: (please note he took the time to mark off the states)

"Jell-O, it just rocks, Claiborne. Believe me"

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