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June 22, 2004 // 10:00 a.m. // Entry scraps

Some people are good at deleting entries once they're up. I'm good at deleting them before they're even up.

I composed two entries this morning. One was about music and the other was about my weekend. A third, that was to be about how I spent last weekend, have all been scrapped.

I'm not sure why. I think it's because one was kind of boring, the second could spark some problems, and the final really wasn't much of an entry, other than the opening line, "my geeky gawky cousin (the eldest of the family) greeted me with fake pointed elf ears on. He's the same one who joined his younger brothers in a Weird Al Yankovic sing-along the last time I visited their house."

Tomorrow is my sister's birthday. All she asked for was a deck of cards (which I'll pick up today) but I think I should get her a little more than that, right? The only thing is other than a gift certificate somewhere, there's nothing I can think of to get her. Maybe I'll just buy her next tank of gas. At $40 a tank and with how much she drives, it'll last about as long as a gift certificate.

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