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October 30, 2003 // 7:37 p.m. // It's raining, it's snowing?

On Wednesday October 21, Salt Lake hit a record high of 85 degrees. The temperature was 23 degrees above normal, and easily beat the old record of 79. It doesn't get above 65 here in October, and here we spent most of the month over 75.

Now nine days later, we've been hit with our first snowstorm of the season. It started off slow at around 7 with just a barely noticable mist, and by early afternoon, it was coming down at a pretty good pace.

I really shouldn't be surprised by the snow or cold coming this early. We're used to having cold and rainy Halloween's and late October's. I only wish that the 60 degree high temperatures we usually experience in October were around, because in many ways, it was my favorite time of the year. The month of October is traditionally the only month in which it's cool enough that I don't have to drive with my window down, and warm enough that I don't have to reach for the heater in the afternoon. I can drive around all afternoon with the interior of my car maintaining a modest 75 degrees.

But now we've gone from record high's to driving in snow.

I'm not going to be like most of the people I know in my city and say that I'm glad that the snow is here so that I can pay something like $300-400 for a resort pass to snowboard or ski. I don't like the snow. I don't like the cold. Never have, never will. I'd much rather it be 105 than even 40 degrees. But it looks like winter and the cold is here to stay, and it's finally time to bring out my box of coats and sweatshirts. Fortnuately, college classes are much warmer than my high school (or my home for that matter) ever were.

Maybe this was all an excuse to post pictures of the snow...

The yard, before the snow really began to fall.

The yard after the snow began to fall.

My car, after it has been dusted with snow.

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